Building A

Building A is used by the Iowa City Community Theater from September until May every year. During the Summer months it can be rented out for multiple types of events. It has a kitchen area with two full size refrigerators, and men’s and women’s restrooms with multiple stalls. The building measures 60’x140’.

Building B

Building B is available to rent from the beginning of May until October. It has a large open area on the north side, then a smaller open area on the south side. It has a mens and womens restroom, a kitchen sink, and a regular sized refrigerator and freezer combo. The larger north area is 60’x90’ and the smaller south area is 30’x50’.


Building C

Building C is our newest building on the Fairgrounds. It has a front and rear section. The front section is 50’x50’ and has 2 deep freezers, 3 refrigerators, a large sink, and ice maker. It is heated and has a/c. The restrooms are accessible through the inside or outside of the building. The back area is 60’x100’ and is an open area. It has multiple large ceiling fans, 3 overhead doors, and a side and rear entry door.