2019 Johnson County Fair Schedule

Subject to Change

Friday—July 19, 2019

8:30-3pm           MH Judging

8:30-3pm           MH Bucket Bottle Interviews

Saturday—July 20, 2019

8-11am           Animal Weigh-Ins (except Goat and Sheep)

11-2pm           Montgomery Hall            Clover Kid Static Project Judging

1:30pm             Barn 5                          Goat Sheep Weigh Ins

9:00am           South Arena                  Dog Obedience

3:00pm        Baddest Tractor on the Block - Grandstand

4:00 – 6:00pm  Concourse                     Antique Tractorcade and Display

5:00pm           Variety Tent                   Salute to Ag Dinner

6:00-10:00 pm – Truck & Tractor Pull Benefit - Grandstand ($10 or Free to kids 10 years old or younger)

4:00-10:00 pm – Jones and Company Carnival ($20 Armband)


Sunday—July 21, 2019—Ag Day

8-9:00am        Stage and Tent               Church Service

9-10:30am      FB Variety Stage             Great Bluegrass Herons

7:00am           Bunny Barn                   Rabbit Check In

10:00am         Horse Arena                   Horse Show

10:00am                                            Chain saw carver

All Day                                              Gypsy Rattle Can

12:00pm – Jones and Company Carnival Opens

Noon              FB Stage                       New Dawn (band)

Noon              North Arena                   Livestock Judging

1:00pm           South Arena                  Pet Show

1:00pm           MH                              Educational

1:30-2:30pm    Between B&C                 Jonah Seymour (Band)

2:00pm           MH (east)                      Chain saw carver

2:30pm           South Arena                  Clover Kids Pet Show

3-4pm            Stage                            Queen Contest

2-4pm            Building A                     BINGO

4:00pm           Road between A & B        Chicken Throwing Contest

4:00pm           MH (east)                      Chain saw carver

5:00pm           South Arena                  Sheep Show

5-6pm            Between B&C                 Ace Jones (Band)

5-6pm            Concourse                     Eating Contest 

5-6pm            Bunny Breezeway           FB Tasting Hour

5-7pm            Bunny Breezeway           FB Craft Demo (shearing/spinning)

6:00pm           FB Variety Stage             Clothing Event 

6:30pm           FB Variety Stage             Mr 4-H

7:00pm           MH (east)                      Chain saw carver

7:00-9:00pmGrandstand                 All Star Monster Trucks with Tough Truck Races




Monday—July 22, 2019—Senior Day

8:30am           North Arena                   Swine Show

10am              Bunny Barn                   Rabbit Showmanship

10-11:30am     Variety Tent                   Leo Shima

10:00am         MH (east)                      Chain saw carver

All Day                                              Gypsy Rattle Can

10-12pm         MH                              Educational presentations

Noon-5:00       Variety Tent                   Old Time Friends of Music

1:00pm           Bunny Breezeway           Rabbit Show

2:00pm           MH (east)                      Chain saw carver

2-4pm            Building A                     BINGO

3-4:30pm        South Arena                  Sunflower Seed Spitting

3:00pm           Horse Arena                   Pony Show

4:00pm – Jones and Company Carnival Opens

4-6:30pm        Bunny Breezeway           FB Homemade Ice Cream Demo

4:00pm           MH (east)                      Chain saw carver

6:00-8pm        Concourse                     Hay Bale Toss

4-7pm            Concourse                     Cornhole Tournament

5-7pm            South Arena                  Kiddie Tractor Pull

6:00pm           FB Variety Stage             Share the Fun

7:00pm           MH (east)                      Chain saw carver

7:00pm          Grandstand                   Draft Horse Pull

7:30pm            FB Variety Stage.           Kevin “B.F.” Burt (Music)

8pm.                Grandstand                     Human Tractor Pull

Tuesday—July 23, 2019—Kids’ Day

8:30am           South Arena                  Goat Show

All Day                                               Gypsy Rattle Can

10:00am – Jones and Company Carnival Opens

10am-12:00     Next to Bldg. C               Theisens Kids Farmyard         

10-10:30         FB Stage                       Dan Kirk Juggler

11:00am         AG Booth (Bldg. A)          4-H Face Painting & Tattooing

11:00-1:00pm   Butterfly Garden             Butterfly Demonstrations

11:00am         North Arena                   Dairy Show

12:30pm         North Arena                   Advance Feeders

Noon              Strolling Act                   Dan Kirk Juggler                  

1:30pm           North Arena                   Breeding Beef

2:00pm           FB Variety Tent              Anderson Coates (Band)

2:00-4pm        Building A                     BINGO

3:00pm           Concourse                     Hula Hoop Contest

4-6:30pm        Bunny Breezeway           FB Homemade Ice Cream Demo

4:00-4:45        FB Variety Tent              Mr. Legs

4:00-8:00        Concourse                     Classy Chassy Cruisers Show n' Shine

5:00pm           FB Variety Tent              Hog Calling

5:00pm           Bunny Breezeway           FB Tasting Hour

5:00pm           South Arena                  Rooster Crowing

6:00 pm          Next to Food Booth          Hills Bank Nickel Hunt

7:00pm           North Arena                   Celebrity Bucket/Bottle Calf

7:00pm          FB Variety Tent             Bill Riley Talent Contest

8pm              Grandstand                 Impact Wrestling


Wednesday—July 24, 2019—Veterans’ Day

8:00am           South Arena                  Dog Agility & Rally

8:00-10am       Front of C                     Stutsman's—Share the Fair

9-11:30am       FB Variety Tent              JC Board of Supervisors

9:00am           Barn 1                          Poultry Show

10:00am         North Arena                   Bucket Bottle

12:00am         North Arena                   Market Beef

Noon              Concourse                     National Guard and Ag displays

1:00pm           Stage                            acoustic show

2:00-4pm        Building A                     BINGO

3pm               Stage                            Music

4:00pm – Jones and Company Carnival Opens

4:30pm           FB Variety Stage             Clover Kid Graduation

5:00pm           Butterfly House              Butterfly Release

6:30pm           Concourse                     Buffalo Wing Eating Contest

6-8:00pm        Grandstand                   Family Rodeo

6:00pm           South Arena                  Banana Split Party for 4-H’ers

7:00pm                                             Animals Released

7-8:30pm      FB Variety Tent          Casey Muessigmann

8:30pm         Grandstand                 Color Guard

9pm              Grandstand                 Chainsaw Carving Auction 

9:30pm         Grandstand                 Fireworks-Stumptown Shooters


Thursday—July 25, 2019

8:00am Livestock Auction