Johnson County Fairgrounds and Exhibit Buildings

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Building C
Built in 2004

*Wireless Internet Usage (Building C & Theater Only)  $10/day

*Building C
Entire building: With alcohol $500 / with out alcohol $440
Front building: With alcohol $180 / with out alcohol $120
Back building: With alcohol $445 / with out alcohol $385

*For "Alcoholic Events" you must use Ruzika's Catering, Inc.
Attn: Jeff Ruzika's # 319-624-4181 (evenings) or # 319-624-2870 (days).

Back & Side (South & West)
3 overhead doors w/ cement pads

Front (North Side)

Front (North Side)


Front of Building C:
Contains: 3 refrigerators, 1 deep freeze, ceiling fan or heat, tables and chairs, large industrial sink, nine (4 plex) 110 outlets, one 220 outlet, coffee pot (30 cup), size:  49 x 36 ft.

Back of Building C

Separating Front from Back

Open from outside and inside of building, 2 showers in each, baby changing table in each, handicap accessibility.
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